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World Cup Football Inspired Reggae Songs

Every four years, Brazilians come together to show their love of football by painting their streets. Click ‘Street View‘ to see what they’re sharing.

Inner Circle’s Single for the World Cup Football Season

Mykal Rose Trouter Harvey and Bizerk Circle House Studios

Inner Circle, Mykal Rose and Bizerk has come together to create a single for the World Cup Football season (It’a All About The Ball). In a release Inner City shared what inspired them to record the single,  “We believe that we have a duty to society that goes beyond Soccer to improve the lives of young people and their surrounding communities, to reduce the negative impact of our activities and to make the most we can of the positives. Soccer can inspire communities and break down barriers.  Soccer is for all.  FIFA believe that everybody has the right to play Soccer free from discrimination or prejudice and we are striving to ensure that this is the case.”

New ‘Yea Oh’ Video by Beky Glacier for World Cup FootballMeanwhile, Beky Glacier also based in Florida is releasing his “Yea Oh ” video for the football inspired track called, Yea Oh  (click to listen). Beky’s inspiration however is a little bit different from that of Inner Circle’s and Mykal Rose, his, is reflective of time spent in Jamaica during World Cup Football season in the 90s.  The vibe, energy, union, football impact and the excitement that comes especially when popular teams like Brazil, Argentina or even Jamaica’s own reggaeboyz are competing.  

Jamaica made history when it became the first English speaking Caribbean island to ever qualify for the World Cup finals in 1998 #ReggaeboyzWorldCupHistory


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