Wayne Marshall Addresses Homelessness and Family Planning in Jamaica

Wayne Marshall (forefront)

It is a fact that most successful artistes in Jamaica support several families and individuals other than their own financially and for as long as their careers last.  While some have specific charities, others have people visiting their homes daily for financial assistance and other which they usually adhere to if and when they can, not because they want to but because they believe they should. In this case, Wayne Marshall has sought to extend himself further by not just giving financial support, but lending his voice, offering solution and asking for help for homeless adults and children in Jamaica.

In a recent publication in the local gleaner newspaper, Wayne Marshall has come forward to speak on the issue of increased number of homeless children and adults living on street corners of Jamaica, the family and family planning.  The article written by Gleaner Writer, Curtis Campbell captures another side of the Ghetto Youths International recording artiste,a true Jamaican, concerned citizen and patriarch.

Describing the family as the element which can either prevent or facilitate growth in the

number of homeless people, Marshall appeal to fellow Jamaicans to extend more courtesy to

Wayne Marshall & wife Tammi Chin 

the homeless charging that if they (the homeless) had another avenue from which to survive, sleeping on the streets would not have been an issue.

Although hard at work preparing for the release of album, ‘Tru Colour’ come November 26, Wayne Marshall said he’s concerned as a Jamaican, “it’s a horrible feeling that so many people are on the corners begging.  I always give them a little of what I have when I can.  I even know some of them on a first-name basis because I interact with them” he told the Gleaner.

In regards to ‘family planning’ Wayne Marshall appeal to adults to carefully plan how they will finance a family saying, “fathers and mother have a role to play.  These homeless kids have or had parents at some point.  Parents must now gauge themselves on how much children you can manage – one man all have four kids and don’t know how he will support them.  There is also an issue of teenage pregnancy which might be a cause as well” he said.

According to the Gleaner, the Social Investment Fund donated the sum of $65 million in 2011 towards erecting a shelter for the homeless in Kingston which they (the Gleaner) is unable to obtain an update by the relevant authorities .  Wayne Marshall, who is currently promoting a single entitled, “Stupid Money” said there are a lot of areas that the Government needs to pay attention to, but the homeless need to be put in a safe place.”
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Tru, Tru, True…

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