Canandian Rapper Creature JanefrFinch Latoya Jane

The Story of Latoya ‘JanefrFinch’ Jane continues; Keep Watching Her Grow

Some great things are happening for the hardworking and driven Canadian rapper/mom 

Latoya with fans in Kingston

Latoya ‘JanefrFinch’ Jane recently visited Jamaica to shoot a new video for another Dancehall inspired track she has coming out shortly, connecting with her Jamaican roots. Her visit to the island came ahead of the screening of a documentary/film she produced called ‘Creature’ in Canada.

JanefrFinch was once a notorious gangster who hails from Jane and Finch in Toronto Canada and fought alongside her brother gang members with a ferociousness that earned her the name ‘Creature,’ experiencing many deaths and burials and landed her in jail where she spent years in isolation. She emerged driven to make her life right, and these days, the 27 year old mom is reaping some success, earning the attention of society once again, not negatively has it once was, but inspiring!

Jane posted a section of letter she received from NBC USA, where the producer of the popular Maury Show, express interest in her motivational talks which she voluntarily give in schools in Canada, “the reason as to why I am writing is because we are always looking for new motivational speakers to help tape our ‘after shoot’ for our teen shows….” the letter read.

Latoya ‘JanefrFinch’ Jane’s mission is to leave the world of being a gangster and become an accepted figure in society who is looked upon and admired as a role model for women (especially those of similar background) to draw inspiration from. As she step away from her gangster lifestyle many still have doubts about her ability to pull it off, writer KJ Mullins of NewZ4U.Net asked in a review ‘….is that life firmly entrenched into her fabric?” and, “who is the real Latoya, a woman who wants to change her community or the gangsta who glorifies a criminal way of life?”

Latoya promise these questions will be answered as she presses on, she has won ‘Best Director’ award at the Commffest Film Festival 2014 in Toronto for her film ‘Creature’ now being shopped in film festivals worldwide.  She is an interesting individual who only God and time knows who she will become. For us, we will continue to watch her grow.


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