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Sophia Squire keep dem coming; the singer release two more hard hitting singles

When Sophia Squire sit down to write, it’s no ordinary thing.  She is arguably one of the best songwriters in Jamaica’s music industry and yet, one of the most under-rated artiste. She has written and recorded a catalogue of timeless songs that include tracks such as, Nature and the remix Nature’s Calling featuring Tarrus Riley, Rat-A-Tat-Tat, Love, Give Me Your Love, Got a Date featuring U-Roy, Nah Fight Ova No ManLove Don’t Hurt, Slow MotionReal Love and Next to Me. These tracks are a drop in the bucket out of countless tunes this artiste has written and recorded. 

With a double EP out, CD 1 entitled, Rhythm and Soul, CD 2, Roots Rock Reggae on VP Records label, Sophia Squire is still working towards attaining international recognition. As she continues to make wholesome reggae music, the humble, soft spoken mother of two said in a recent interview on Newstalk 93 FM, that she is content with writing music to uphold the reggae genre and has no intention of making commercial songs for the sake of earning quick bucks. A former background vocalist for the late Gregory Isaacs, Squire said her experience touring with the late icon has provided her with irrefutable evidence of the alluring power of reggae music. A well rounded singer/songwriter and entertainer, the Spanish Town base artiste also produce, compose and arrange music and is strictly adherent to her personal motto, ‘live, love and let peace reign.’ 

With even more songs still worth mentioning, Sophia has called for the return of rub-a-dub to the reggae genre. A characteristic accredited for the strong ‘sex appeal’ the music once had. She should know the effect ‘rub-a-dub’ has with fans. After all, she has toured with the ‘cool ruler’ for a number of years. To this call, her 3 year old song entitled, ‘Sweet Reggae‘ produced by Dubtonic and Jah Snowcone on the Susumba riddim

as well as the hard hitting Rock n Come Een track among others that she sang in the sexy undertone she is known for, extends this message.

Ms. Squire continue to appease her fans with even more hard hitting songs, be it social commentary or lovers rock, her ideas are welcoming and demonstrates what authentic reggae music is. 

With her, every track is a potential hit! Bredroc Music Head Audley Allen, who manages Sophia Squire, announced a few weeks ago, that they were getting ready to drop another track. But as it turned out, fans were not ready to receive not one, but, two new tracks! In full blown promotion mode, the ‘Slow Motion’ singer/songwriter has once again hit the streets promoting new songs, “Me Nuh Kno,” which universally speaks for struggling mothers/women and “Know Nutt’n,” a song she says is a deterrent for ‘band-wagonists,’  that person or persons who latch themselves onto entertainers the moment they make a big break.  

When the great Bob Marley was making music in the 70s, he concentrated on just putting out music.  Such is the mentality of Sophia Squire, “I am driven spiritually, there are times when I rise in the wee hours of the morning just to make note of the inspiration I have for a new song.  Absolutely no pressure, I love doing this, and I love even more, the fact that I get to share these thoughts through music with the universe,” she said.

By: Sophia McKay

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