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Snoop Dogg, now called Snoop Lion, says the reason why he became a reggae artiste is because it is a music of love, happiness and struggle.
According to the artiste, who was doing an interview with MTV host, Sway Calloway recently for his Reincarnated Documentary Press Conference, he wants to expand his musical influence through positive messages.
“I have always wanted to perform for kids, my grandmother and people around the world who really love me and can’t accept the music that I make. This reggae music is a music of love, happiness and struggle, and now I get a chance to perform for kids and grandparents,” Snoop Lion said.

Teach the youth
The iconic American rapper, who is famous for songs such as Drop It Like It’s Hot, expressed that he is an older and wiser person. He also hinted that reggae music can teach the youth how to grow and develop themselves.
“Not that the music in the past never felt good at all, it felt good … but now as a 40-year-old man in the music industry, the younger artistes call me Uncle Snoop, I gotta give them something now. I can’t just keep taking them to the dead-end street and drop em off. I gotta to teach them how to fish, teach em how to plan, teach ’em how to grow,” he said.
He went on to say that he is also having fun with this reggae movement and he hoped people would enjoy it as well.
Rohan Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, was present at the conference and expressed that Snoop was quite welcome to do reggae, as music is universal.

Positive vibration
“Music in general is universal, yu know, and Jamaica is a part of music, yu know, suh we really don’t separate ourselves and we embrace Snoop, and not only through music but through a divine order, because it’s all about life and what you have to give. So once you gonna profess a positive vibration and give back to the earth and the land and the people and be an instrument of good, yu know we receive that well. So we love Snoop from day one and we appreciate the work that he has been doing and we love Snoop Lion,” Rohan Marley said.
Snoop Lion also commented on his debut reggae single La La La, stating that he wanted to make authentic reggae music.
“We wanted to make it feel like a record that came out of a 1970s collection, true reggae music. A lot of times when we do what we do as artistes, we look forward instead of looking back, and when you look back you pay homage and you give respect and love to those who created reggae music and what it was made on and made for,” Snoop said.
Snoop Lion also commented on the issue of cultural theft. According to the artiste, he wants to help Jamaicans who want to help themselves.
“One thing about the people of Jamaica, they are not lazy, and if you give them the opportunity, they will make it happen,” he said.
The artiste hinted at two development projects that will be executed by his team in Tivoli Gardens and Trench Town in 2013.

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Sophia McKay

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