Rosie’s Dilemma

When Jamaicans get mad they get famous and Rosie was in a no nonsense mood complaining to a local news media about flood waters which damaged her furniture and appliances recently.  The flood waters resulted from heavy rains overflowing an unfinished gully/drainage that was under construction and which the authorities seem to have underestimated the possibilities of a disaster if it should rain.

Rosie was not having it and her rants that went viral on youtube subsequently caught the

Rosie on stage RSF2013

attention of DJ Powa who is popularly known for mixing another video by a Jamaican nicknamed Cliff-Twang that also went viral and BAM! Rosie became a Star.  So it did not come as surprise when she was invited on stage Reggae Sumfest 2013 Dancehall Night by Lady Saw during her highly anticipated set.

Rosie’s performance once again made the headlines alright for her now popular complaint/song, “Call Di Contractor,” but unfortunately not because she ‘buss di place.’ A rather polished looking Rosie failed at her attempt to deejay her dilemma and totally disregarded her comical gesticulating attitude that made it for her, she was faced with a crowd of thousands just looking at her in silence.  Mumma Saw being the veteran she is, quickly came to her rescue, saving Rosie from falling apart.  Rosie, was given a chance of life time, one many artistes thirst for but sadly, she did not cross it!

Girl it was your crazy ass, spontaneous, natural and humorous attitude that sent some of flying across our living room floors in stitches, “me deh yah before me maiden tek and me neva see dis need justice” LMAOF!

By: Sophia McKay

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