Buju Banton and Sizzla on 420 Rihanna turn the spotlight on Nadine Sutherland

Rihanna turn the spotlight on Buju Banton/Nadine Sutherland and Sizzla

Rihanna singing 

Internationally acclaimed Pop star Rihanna also known as the queen of social media has been off for sometime but decided on Easter Sunday while celebrating 420 to give her fans a treat. Rihanna bff Melissa released a few cameos on Instagram of the pop star singing Nadine Sutherland’s verse of the 1993 hit single ‘Dickie’ by Buju Banton as well as Sizzla’s Black Woman and Child.

Although this is not the first time Rihanna has introduced her fans to Jamaican music as she is a big Bob Marley fan among others, but each time she does it, her millions of fans flock social media to check out the music of the artistes, some confess, “Rih has me buying Buju Banton’s music now.” Rihanna might not have taught about it as she was just enjoying herself but her action was a nice gesture that turned the spotlight on an incarcerated Buju Banton. 


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