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Reggae Music Now More than Ever

Gramps Morgan recent IG post

As we observe the unfolding of violence and the out cry against racism in the media recently, we are reminded that Jamaica’s Reggae music past and present has been a source of alternative ideas, opinions, guidance and solution to some of these issues that have mauled our society.

Through the music, from generation to generation the universal struggle among world leaders to stem injustice and eradicate racism within societies have been addressed as well as predictions of what the outcome will be of failed attempts to bring about peace and oneness among the people.

The king of Reggae, the great Bob Marley once explained in an interview with an Australian Journalist when asked if the music (reggae) can be copied said, “is not copy do it is the feel it carry a feel where if you ask nuff musician dem caan do it.” It’s an inborn concept, a gift, that is bestowed on the least expected among us and it has offered solace and brought many people together in love and unity.

One can think whatever he or she chooses but that feel Bob Marley speak of is as real as Chronixx, as Protogé likewise the great Peter Tosh or Queen Ifrika and Etana, as Luciana and Buju Banton, or Fantan Mojah and Damian Marley, I-Wayne, Morgan Heritage or as Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Everton Blender and so many others, too many to mention, locally bred artistes who by way of their music have spread peace and love among races as well as advocated for the people and brought hope.

In times like these listening more reggae music is essential as it help persons channel their thoughts toward goodness, love, peace and oneness. Violence has never solved any issue, love is the key to understanding. 

you just can’t overthrow the truth…, we our people have a root..” Bob Marley


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