Reggae/Dancehall News Weekend

Sizzla Kolanji

Sizzla Kolanji has probably released more albums than any other Reggae/Dancehall artiste but the 2013 Grammy nomination for ‘Best Reggae Album’ is his first ever. The album nominated entitled ‘The Messiah,’ is his 70th and he wrote most of the tracks. Sizzla Kolanji the Executive Producer of the 15 track project described it as “spiritual conscious.” “The Messiah” is released on CD/Digital by VP Records   read album review

Super Cat wants reggae to flourish promises ‘A Performance’ at STING

Super Cat

Veteran dancehall artiste Super Cat is asking fans of Jamaican music, along with the artistes to understand it in a more wholesome way. He said “dancehall is a place and the music that Jamaican artistes produce is reggae” read more

New Bill Look at Intellectual Property as collateral for loans
Government Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns, in contributing to a debate on the bill in the upper House last Thursday, noted that despite Jamaica’s music industry have a profound effect on the economy, the sector players had difficulty accessing loans because of collateral requirements. “The passage of this act, which will impact the creative industry, is revolutionary,” Frazer-Binns said. read more

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