Recording Artiste Stanpipe Thinks U.S. Pop Star Madonna, Likes his Counteraction of her 1984 Like A Virgin Hit Song

When I first heard the counteraction to U.S. Pop Star Madonna’s Like A Virgin song, I wondered if the artiste who created it is mindful of the copyright infringement law.  As it turn out, I had a conversation with him and voiced my obvious opinion.  This is what Recording artiste Stanpipe had to say about his counteraction and sampling of Madonna’s voice and her Like A Virgin single….

When he recorded and sampled the 1984 ‘Like A Virgin‘ hit single in 2011, Stanpipe had not thought about what the repercussion would be.  Instead he posted a version of the song on Madonna’s youtube page hoping someone, even herself would hear it and found it interesting.  Weeks went by he said and his video remained on the pop star’s youtube fan page Top 5 Videos wall though other videos posted before and after were removed.  “Before me get a twitter account, a friend told me dat the song was one of the top 3 tweets on Madonna’s page. When me see dat, me started monitoring it and it remained on her page for two months” he said.

Encouraging Signs 
These are encouraging signs for Stanpipe whose persistence could result in an endorsement from the superstar.  Although mindful of the Copyright Infringement Law he quickly pointed out that the song is not for sale or on sale. Stanpipe’s bravery borders on the U.S. Copyright Infringement Law whereas a person could be sued for using somebody else’s quotes or samples.  The law states that if one has to use a copyrighted work without authorization, the owner may be entitled to bring an infringement action against that individual.  But there are circumstances under the fair use doctrine where a quote or a sample maybe be used without permission.  However, in cases of doubt, the Copyright Office recommends that permission be obtained.  Is Stanpipe seeking to obtain permission to use the samples, lyrics, track title etc?  “Yes my attorney is seeking permission and I hope he gets it as for Madonna, I would love for her to see that she has impacted millions across the world, even little me, Stanpipe from the Stanpipe Community in the parish of Kingston, Jamaica.”  To listen Stanpipe’s Like A Virgin Counteraction click here .  

The 6ft 6″ tall Rastafarian Model/Entertainer has also recorded a Techno version of the track which already, earned him a gig at the Liverpool Sound City Music festivals in the UK, May 17-19 2012.  “The techno version is just as interesting” he said “and have taken off I have been told in the UK.” 

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