So they say…yeah!  Well not many people know that Fantan Mojah will leave them in stitches from laughing too much whenever he come around; his very own chuckles and laughter would just simply ‘crack you up.’  Well it is a fact, Fantan Mojah has a humourous side and these are just some of the funny things this Reggae artiste does that many people don’t know.  Fantan Mojah recently released a single entitled, Rasta Got Soul on the Warrior Production Label.  On the track he blasts what he calls, ‘banwagonists’ for not showing respect to the elders and went on to say, “nuff a dem nuh know bout di music dem just a hustle and abuse it….dem nuh sow nuh seed and sell we out cheap.”  Rasta got Soul does not reflect Fantan antics; what it reflects is the powerful overtone that million of fans have come to know and love him for.  So do you think Rasta Got Soul?  Listen Up!

 Rasta Got Soul by NewImage Music 

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