Racist or Funny? Volkswagen Commercial What Sean Paul n Inner Circle Thinks!

In a commercial by Volkswagen for the Super Bowl 2013 game that has gotten over three (3) million Youtube views, the use of the Jamaican slur/dialect/slang by ‘white guys’ seem to have been a major debate on whether it is racist or funny for the ‘attention grabbing’ gesture.  

However according to US base website TMZ, Reggae superstar and current Grammy nominee Sean Paul and International Reggae Band Inner Circle thinks otherwise, in other words to them it’s irie!  When asked how he felt about the ad, Sean Paul’s comment was that that he is “100% cool with Volkswagen copping his homeland’s accent for its new Super Bowl ad because it’s funny a hell…and not the least bit offensive.”  

While Inner Circle, felt that “duplication is the highest form of flatter, and our culture is a happy culture with good vibes.” To further make their point according to TMZ both said, “ONE, ONE, ONE LOVE…..” to Volkswagen

Source: TMZ

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