David Rodigan and more Protoge on Ancient Future

Protoje – how he came up with album title Ancient Future, David Rodigan’s influence and more

In an interesting interview recently Protoje speaks with Shan McGinley of IamMusic TV in the UK about how he came up with the title for his recent album, David Rodigan’s influence on Jamaica’s music in the UK, the resurgence of new talents in Jamaica and among other things, his believe as to whether people created their own realities.  We found the interview interested and have highlighted some interesting questions and answers to share with you.

SM: How instrumental has David Rodigan been in the rise of Jamaican music cross here in UK/Europe

P: He’s been extremely instrumental, very huge and from a personal standpoint he’s been person who has champion my music here in London and really made a huge impact for me so you know his respect is very very large and for me and for lots of other artiste out of Jamaica.

SM: Just dropped your Ancient Future album you got comics on it you’ve got a lot of features as well and I love the name, the title cause it kinda sheds light on how the world goes through cycles what made you the concept?

P: I mean I was thinking about how I love music from a certain time and how I want to do music like that but I did’nt want it sound like it was 1980s I wanted to update it and use my influence of hip hop and rock and all of that and put it into the music so its almost like a learning from your past but expanding it and bringing it deeper and pushing it forward so that was the concept behind it.

SM: Right now in Jamaica there’s like a resurgence of this new talent it’s going on a global scale between you, Popcaan, Chronixx everyone and what was it like when that new generation was starting in Jamaica when you guys were doing shows in Kingston and all over Jamaica, what was it like the energy coming out of that new generation?

P: It was great I mean for me it was jus, I felt like I was alone at first then I started to perform I started to do shows and then met up with lik?e Kabaka, met up with Chronixx, met up with Jah 9, Jesse, like lots of people and you really saw that okay a movement was happening and like even Popcaan that does Dancehall which is different from the type of music I do but still Jamaican music and he’s doing very good too and I just saw him in the airport when I was coming here even though lots a time they try to make dancehall vs reggae for us its just all one thing everybody trying to do their best to put out good music and to put Jamaica back on the map again musically.

Do you believe people create their own realities, whether it’s positive or negative

P: Yeah, 100% its funny you ask me that I was thinking about this yesterday that there’s so many things I’ve actually sat and thought about and I’ve seen them played out exactly like I said I wanted David to bring me for my first show here, I’ve said I wanted to open for a French Band….I’ve done that it’s funny to be sometimes so I have to be careful that I don’t create negative stuff…

You can check out the full interview here


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