‘Perfect Luv’ is the New Single Out by Kurt Legacy

Perfect Luv is once again created with the ladies in mind as they are Kurt Legacy’s biggest fans…..

When Kurt Legacy dropped the single, ‘If I Said,’ a Dancehall/Reggae track featuring Deejay Kyapi in January, the ladies on his social network pages strongly approved.  They fell in love with the heavy baseline intertwined with Kurt’s sultry sounds and Kyapi’s hardcore style.  ‘If I Said’ was submitted to Jamaican radio where several djs added it to their playlists as it crept into the streets and got on to the dancehall djs/selectors playlists too and pumping.  
Appropriately, a video for the song was released and soon enough, got onto several local video channels to include HYPE TV, RETV, CVM Hitlist andd MDTV to name a few. 

Subsequently, the feedback was satisfactory so the management staff at New Hites Production, the independent label based in Florida that manages Kurt Legacy, pleased with the progress the track made in Jamaica, took the decision to drop yet another single entitled, ‘Perfect Luv.’  

Perfect Luv is once again created with the ladies in mind as they are Kurt Legacy’s biggest fans, “I just love them man and I’m not saying that because I’m a man, but their support strengthens me.  Thanks to all ma ladies on Tagg,” he said. The track is laid on an authentic, live, old school Reggae rhythm that was composed by some of Florida’s most notable Reggae musicians.  Kurt’s RnB smooth, sultry vocals blends well on the track as he puts it down. 

Support Kurt Legacy by following him, listening to his music and become a fan.  Follow him on Twitter @kurtlegacy or  Be sure to comment on tracks you hear, like or dislike or simple tweet Kurt reaching him directly. 

By: Sophia McKay

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