Nesbeth Shoots New Video In London; Sing praises about his recent UK visit

The ever conscious Reggae recording artist Nesbeth literally sang praises on his return from London a few days ago.  It was his first trip to the UK and he is finally feeling accomplished after years of constant and persistent work.  Nesbeth has travelled across the Caribbean and United States performing live.  He is one of those artistes in Jamaica who many have high regards and much respect for.  Humble and charasmatic, Nesbeth go about business as usual with the same determination and drive he started out with several years ago but had only admitted to NIPnews recently that this was the first time he felt as if his work had impressively impacted an international audience.  This he found out on his visit to the UK where he performed at Reggae Salute in Birmingham and London.  There after Nesbeth made several other appearances in between shooting a video which he posted twipix on twitter and said, “Behind the scene of my new video hot hot hot @EccentrikB out soon.”  Keep it moving bro, “Heights of great men reach and kept were not attained by sudden flight.”

By: Sophia McKay

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