Nesbeth perform at Tacky High School St. Mary Jamaica

Nesbeth Re-Energized a School Population Weeks after the Compound Became the Centre of a Crime Scene

Students of Tacky High School in St. Mary, Jamaica ‘wild out’ with a burst of energy to the

exciting performance of one of Reggae’s finest, roots artiste Nesbeth.  Tacky High School was thrown into the spotlight a few weeks ago when, the school’s watchman’s body was reportedly found with what appeared to be gunshot wounds on the compound. There was other unfortunate incidents that would have brought about a sense of distress among students and the entire school body.  Earlier this year, robbers set fire to the entire administrative block of the school. 

As part of the The Jamaica Observer Teenager High School Tour across the island, Nesbeth was invited to entertain the students of Tacky High and he did ‘turn up’ their energy levels and took away some of the unpleasantness they have been experiencing over the past months, if only for a short while.

The students were appreciative and receptive towards him showing how much they approved with an overwhelming response to his performance. Understanding their pain and empathising with their loss Nesbeth show out, then spent some time interacting with the students, he even had a word of advise for them before he headed back to Kingston watch! 


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