Michael Dawkins – Moving Against the Odds

When Michael Dawkins formerly Mickey D, Reggae Recording artiste at independent label, Big Scope Recordsdecided to re-introduce himself to the Jamaican and Reggae music audience across the world, he could not decipher how his music would reach specific audiences with all the noise and wonderful digital tools that makes it difficult to get noticed.

Having taken a break to pursue other personal goals, Michael Dawkins had to contemplate a good strategy to relaunch himself in a fragmented market place where it’s incredibly difficult to reach mass audience.  He aimed at creating a buzz in Jamaica that would hopefully spread across other regions. Two months into his campaign, Michael’s ‘He Ain’t Heavy‘ single hit Jamaica’s Irie FM, Hitz 92 FM, FAME FM, Hot 102 FM, ZIP 103 FM, Vybz FM, Roots FM and Linkz FM radios as well as spread across the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Italy, Sydney Australia, Kapala Uganda, Accra Ghana and Nirobi Kenya.  

The singer has never felt more reassured about the decision he took, “I never doubted my music or how it will be perceived but with the new digital tools and all that it takes to get noticed these days I had concerns.”  New projects have also been generated from the campaign.  Soon, Michael will see a track he recorded on the Angel Wings riddim that features popular Reggae/Dancehall artistes Gyptian, Pressure, Junior Kelly, Natural Blacks, Ginja, Shaka Pow and Thugsy Malone, released on Jamaican radio, this track is called, ‘Hope.’ 

‘He Ain’t Heavy  is a cover version of an original track entitled, He Ain’t HeavyHe’s My Brother, that was written by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell and recorded by Kelly Gordon in 1969 then re-recorded by the group, The Hollies back in the seventies and became a worldwide hit.  Michael Dawkins admit that he is, “inspired to do good solid music..,” people can relate to positively.  He said one of his greatest aspiration is to contribute to world peace and give back to society from which his expectation is to see, “people take heed to the message and play their part in making this world a better place.

Personal Achievement and MotivationWhen asked what would have been his greatest achievement to date Michael’s response was, “Some of my greatest achievements in the music business are topping the New York WLIB chart with my first release in 1988 titled, ‘Don’t Give Me No Crack.’ The release of a song called Wisdom in 1994 that became a theme song on WHCR in New York that is still being played.  The release of yet another track titled, Hold Up Ya Hand that made the Top 40 chart in Bulgaria among Michael Jackson’s, Madonna’s, Mick Jagger’s and Mary J. Blidge’s strong presence on the chart and performing for the Civil Right organisation NAACP,” he said.

Michael  Dawkins’ He Aint Heavy single made Holland’s Top 10 chart and recently won a play off competition on Roots FM Jamaica.  What motivates this artiste to move against the odds? “the children motivates me to help make this world a better place because they are the future,” he said.

by: Sophia McKay

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