Jesse Royal Gimmie Likkle/Finally video medley

Jesse Royal release video medley suggesting oneness peace and joy with the decriminalization of Marijuana in Jamaica


As Jamaicans prepare for their independence celebrations August 6, world sound Reggae artiste Jesse Royal who is best known for his timeless and introspective single, “Modern Day Judas,” has released a video medley for two of his newer singles “Gimmie Likkle” and ‘Finally,’ depicting life, after the passing of the law which decriminalizes Marijuana in Jamaica and the vibe among weed smokers/peddlers. On his ‘Gimmie Likkle‘ track Royal said, “nuff a these laws must be repelled…,” and as if embracing peacefulness sang, finally dis natty dread can smoke inna peace” on ‘ ‘Finally.’ 

The ‘Gimmie Likkle/Finally‘ video medley, directed by Jay Will for Game Over Films capture Jesse Royal appearing to be dreaming while lying in a hammock in a herb field and waking up to find his dream a reality. Director Jay Will created a then and now scenario where comparisons were drawn between the days when it was illegal to smoke week on the corner and how weed smokers were humiliated upon being apprehended by the police. And now, both police and Jesse Royal who appeared as a weed merchant find common ground, selling weed to the cops, doctors and others undisturbed as various different uses of the weed goes on full display.

Produced by Notis Productions and Biggy Music respectively, 
finally  1  STEAMAZ the lyrics on both tracks and as depicted in the video, suggest the Rastafarian community and all advocacy group welcome the move by the Jamaican government to legalize the herbs and calls further for nation building. In a release Jesse Royal admonished, “We need to start researching our own resources if we really want to start to build a productive nation, the herb need fi legalize you know!” click to watch

Jesse Royal is preparing to release an EP entitled, “Hope and Love” in Japan later this year pre empting his month long tour of that country. He will also be putting some energy behind a full length album which is expected to be release in 2016.


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