It’s a ‘Shaka Pow Christmas’

If you sit with Dr McDonald for a minute he is totally the Obstetrician and Gynaecologist he is, in his professional capacity.  But in that moment he could transform into “Shaka Pow” the ‘Outfytt General’ and Dancehall artiste with just as much ease and conviction.

Shaka has a handle on both his jobs.  He is the no nonsense medical practitioner clearly demonstrated watching him manoeuvre his work and a more relaxed personality when it comes to his music.  Where the similarities lie between jobs however, are his dedication and determination to accomplish his goals.  

Shaka Pow has claimed Christmas 2012 on the Jamaican entertainment scene, in other words this Christmas is, ‘Shaka Pow Christmas!’ yup. To demonstrate this, Shaka released his track and a video for the season of the same name “Shaka Pow Christmas.” Click to view on youtube Catch Shaka Pow when he performs live December 1 in Trelawny, December 22 at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital annual show in Kingston, December 26 STING in Portmore, St. Catherine and Jungle Montego Bay, December 29.

“Shaka Pow Christmas” the song and video, reflects a softer side of the usually frivolous Dancehall artiste.  The video depicts ‘doctor love’ telling his special person all the goodie good things. Shaka Pow’s Dancehall character was meant to be fun and project social issues and affairs in dancehall style. Whether it’s a new dance move, a slang or deejay style, Shaka captures the current and displays it musically.   Shaka Pow understands all too well, life in the beginning or simply when it’s gone, ‘you only live once‘ he said.  This could probably be his reason for choosing to do fun things, the little things that makes oh so much difference; the things many people world over embrace about the Jamaican culture, hence his reason to  hook on Dancehall. So what will it be? A “Shaka Pow Christmas!” Yes indeed. 

by Sophia McKay

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