"the entire project is so refreshing and original both lyrically and rhythmically." David Rodigan

Inezi Receives High Praise for Pain & Pleasure EP

Navigating his life through some challenging times, Jamaican reggae/roots artist Inezi therapeutically channels his emotion through music. Known for hard-hitting tracks such as African Proverbs, Roots & Culture, Rise, Sorry Fah and Straight Away, Inezi switched mode to create an impressive body of work proving that over the years, despite the challenges he managed to mold and fashioned his career in a very satisfying way.

On his quest to obtain proper representation Inezi met Huey Gowdie of Global Beat Studios in 2021 and took the decision to become an official member of the Label in 2022. Now the soft-spoken but riveting entertainer is ready to present his first official EP entitled, Pain and Pleasure produced by Global Beat Studios, to the world.

The six (6) track EP opens a vortex to his soul as he chooses to reveal his most vulnerable side on the tracks. Refuse To Be You, Skatter Me Now, Blame Me, On It, Fine Wine, and Higher show off his soothing vocals, clarity, and range resulting in high praises from DJs who participated in Pain and Pleasure EP listening party. Here’s what some of the DJs had to say

BBC1XTra DJ, one of the biggest supporters of Jamaica’s music culture and Reggae music enthusiast David Rodigan MBE, OD said upon listening to Inezi’s Pain And Pleasure EP, “I have downloaded all of the vocal tracks because the entire project is so refreshing and original both lyrically and rhythmically. The production work is first class. Inezi possesses an amazing voice, a rare sound with beautiful clarity and I will be very happy to proceed with playing the songs when the time is right

Another British DJ and lover of Jamaican music for many years Daddy English said, “Pain and Pleasure seem to be a real introduction to Inezi and it’s preparing me for what I can look forward to in the future. Like that he started out by setting his boundaries and standard in the first track called, Refuse To Be You.” “I’m a geek for a good snare and the snare on this track takes me back to the 90s…big up the producers!” Daddy English plays on the Reggae In The City Podcast, he is also the sound owner of Benevolent International.

Across Jamaica, The Bridge 99 FM DJ Nikki Z said, “It’s the song, Skatter Me by Inezi that drew me to this artist…he has a unique sound that has the potential to be a dynamic force in the reggae industry.” Nikki Z’s support further leads to hosting Pain And Pleasure EP’s successful launch recently April 3rd in Kingston. 

Get used to this name, Inezi!,” DJ Ramona Samuels told her listeners on Riddim FM 102.1 broadcasting live out of Montego Bay. Of the EP she told chit-chat, “I enjoyed Inezi’s EP very much. I love playing his songs for my radio family as well, it amplifies my mood in connecting with the listeners. His voice and lyrics definitely have that crossover appeal.”

One of the most supportive DJs and reggae/dancehall music and upcoming artists, DJ Wizology on Vibe 105FM Toronto and one of thirty (30) DJs making up Inezi’s EP listening party said, “I listened to the EP Pain And Pleasure by Inezi and what a voice! This artist has a voice that gave me an original Jamaican feeling with a Sting (the artist) like appeal. He flowed so smoothly over these rhythms. Fine Wine and Skatter Me caught my attention with the way Inezi gracefully changed his tones but not strayed from the message. Inezi definitely is a voice for the world to hear. I will be playing his music regularly on Vibe 105.5FM because good music should be heard by everyone. Congratulations to Global Beat Studios you have a world artist on your team.”

Pain And Pleasure EP by Inezi is out now on all digital platforms and is supported by five (5) videos and his live performance at the EP Launch on Studio Global Beats VEVO channel. 

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