Has Macka Diamond’s Lyrical Onslaught Sent Lady Saw Packing?

In an exclusive interview with Daddy English founder of Benevolent International and host on 96.6 GFM, Gloucester, Dancehall’s crowned Queen, Lady Saw disclosed “why she has decided to leave the genre she has been a part of for more than two decades.”  According to report, the dancehall verteran is fed up with the hypocritical ways of other female artistes and has decided to leave them to God (Click to watch interview here

Over the past week the media has been abuzz about Macka Diamond’s and Lady Saw’s public lyrical confrontation.   According to Macka Diamond the disagreement resulted after she released a song titled, “40 n Fabulous.” She said Lady Saw later released what sounded like a counteraction to the song with her version titled, “Age is Just a Number” then claimed she had actually recorded her version first. 

The “40 n Fabulous” Macka Diamond then decided that she was not having it, in other words, “me ready fi anything” she said in her new song.  Macka Diamond told N.I.P. that she has tried on several occasion to ‘bury the hatchet’ with Lady Saw who refuse to extend the courtesies.  Macka said her last effort was when she made reference of Lady Saw among other artistes including herself (Macka Diamond) on her ‘40 n Fabulous‘ track as one of the ‘40 n Fabulous” artistes from the 90s era whom Macka claim in the song, “still a run de place doe?”

Well after Lady Saw released her  ‘Age is Just a Number‘ track which states “ain’t nothing wrong with 42” and clearly reiterates her disapproval of the ‘age issue,’ Macka Diamond released a follow track called, “Me Bless.”  Clearly a ‘diss’ song, Me Bless‘ unveiled some real personal issues seeminglydirected at Lady Saw.  Also on the track Macka mentioned young Dancehall trendsetter Tifa to whom it is alleged had beef with Lady Saw.  Macka also told N.I.P. that Lady Saw told an  undisclosed person that she wanted her Macka Diamond, “to stop dissing her.” But while Lady Saw has been saying for sometime now that she is contemplating going gospel Daddy English’s release states that Lady Saw is “fed up with the hypocritical ways of other female artists.” 

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