Glamis Arena Zimbabwe Came Alive With a Three Hour Performance by Fantan Mojah

Zimbabweans set aside their dissapointment in the absence of the God Father of Jamaican Soul Music, Mr. Beres Hammond, Saturday October 15th at Glamis Arena, Harare, Zimbabwe when Fantan Mojah gave possibly his best and longest performance to date in a single show.  It was indeed Fantan’s first ever performance on an African stage and the bobo was prepared to give his fans as much as he could give in a single performance.  Entering the stage with his ‘Fire Child’ single to an highly energized, humongous crowd that had already been swamped with a superb performance by veteran Reggae artiste Cocoa Tea, Fantan Mojah was in control.  Fantan’s three hours of performance excited the crowd at the Lion Lager Beer Festival from start to finish, he almost sang his entire catalogue and interacted well with the audience who received him with much appreciation which was demonstrated by a show of full encore for every song he sang, “me heart full” said Fantan, “the feeling I get when people show me the love my Zimbabweans fans show me, words can’t explain” he said.   

The kudos for Fantan Mojah’s performance flooded the local news as several news paper had his face on the front pages the next day.  One report said the Jamaicans unleashed their, ‘scintillating stage craft and melodious vibes.’ Fans took to the internet to show their appreciation for his presentation sending emails and a few posts.  It was a good and bad day for the Zimbabweans who were also mourning the death of one of their artiste, Tongai Moyo who died of a brain tumor he had been ailing with for sometime on Saturday the very day of the show.  

Fantan Mojah remains in Zimbabwe and is scheduled to make a second appearance in Bulawayo on October 22 at Queens Sport Club.

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