Every Lil Thing’s Gonna Be Alright – Kashu

Kashu’s career before music was to design and make clothes for anyone who paid him.  He realized while in school that he wanted to sing.  He was baptized in the Christian faith, wrote and sang a few gospel songs before his triumphant victory from an island-wide talent competition that changed his life.   

Kashu lived in California, USA for years and had only returned to his island home Jamaica, to pursue his music career.  “People can identify me with songs like The System, Nothing Nah Gwaan and Mama Joy” he said, as those were the songs that made him an household name.  

Already a popular artiste in his home parish Clarendon, Kashu visits city Kingston twice each week to attend popular weekly events, Hot Monday’s and Weddy Weddy.  He disclosed that a great challenge for him over the years had been the lack of a professional body or team to spearhead his career in the positive direction it was heading when he first emerged. “Music has never been my challenge,” he said “it was not having a solid structure that was.  But since working with Moby’s Entertainment I feel relaxed and confident that every little thing is gonna be alright.” Manager Ryan Singh released a remix of PSY’s popular Gangnam Style song called “Size Nuh Matter” (now showing on N.I.P.T.V. ) aimed at showing off Kashu’s flexibility on youtube.  “Kashu is fun, fashionable and trendy and we want people to see that side of him” said Ryan.  

Plans are under way to launch a compilation album soon and talks about an early 2013 UK tour soon to be confirmed.

by Sophia McKay

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