Dolli Difference on her Music Personality and Work Ethic

Dolli Difference on her music personality and work ethic

Dolli Difference

Although Dolli Difference is a ‘Gangsta Girl” this stylish,model type chick has a boom personality, “Sophi, a so me stay yah man sometimes me inna work mode and it show when me up and about because me serious and me waan people to know dat about me that I am serious when it’s comes to my work” she said when we ran into each other recently.

Dolli Difference has been a Dancehall artiste since 2005 and manage to carve her own niche in the very competitive industry. Having four tracks (Lingerie, Yours, Back Bench and Vacuum) on the UK Dancehall Promo Street Chart hosted by DJ Mastermix, I asked her, “how did you survive?”  she responded, “dem sey Dancehall is a mans’ world so that mean female artistes have to work twice as hard.  Me love me music and while me respect me peers and those before me who set it, Dolli dare to be different.”  Of course I wanted to know so I ask, “how so?” and she said, “me nah try fi be anyone else but Dolli Difference, me nuh sound like no other artiste and my music is all me I sing what the riddim tells me and in relation to my own personal experience, so it’s always, all about meee, Dolli Difference.”

Diss ya Dolli different fi true doe I thought, I was listening her music (of which I’m a fan) so I told her how much I really like them she said blushing, “Sophia me know me haffi bring it and get di respect a de people dem.” So I turned up ‘Gangsta Girl’ which was the next track we about to listen.

[pree da one deh ova deh suh!] click to listen ‘Clean Cut’
Dolli tend to be shy but act bold when it comes to her work.  She is focused and

know what she wants and how to deliver it. I smiled hard when I heard “Clean Cut” and looked at her nodding my approval and she was like, “Sophi, woman pree men to enuh (smiling) yeah man we ladies love to see a real man so me caan sey ‘gangsta girl’ and nuh big up di man dem.” I nodded in agreement while taking in the lyrics, dis one yah a gwaan I thought, yeah man, big up di man dem too yow!

[Every song weh mi sing Shell Weh]

Dolli Difference 

Dancehall encompass every aspect of life and art so it is  easy to overlook originality. Dolli’s riddim selection speak volume about her effectiveness. It also demonstrate her understanding of what she need to do to enhance her music presentation. You will seldom hear a track by her that does not grab your attention.

step ina di store and me buy sumn sexy, tell me self me a go home go surprise me baby] Lingerie
To understand Dancehall music one must learn to accept the characters these artistes introduce us to. As unfavourable a character some may be, never fail to recognize Art! Dolli is live art, she is real, what she brings is embedded in her. Her music is alluring, yet one get the feeling of authenticity and originality, complemented by raw talent which helps you to accept the character easily. 

#Barz [white squall a dance ova me like Mr. Wacki] click to listen Me and God Alone
Me and God Alone” haffi be my chune still! Dolli’s story is one of hard work and perseverance which she describes on this track. Recorded by her and the multi-talented singer/songwriter Sophia Squire, Dolli describe some harder days she faced. “Nuh food, nuh place to live, nuh good bed fi sleeep! Sophia if a callaloo and dumplin me just eat dat, nah pay dat nuh mine cause me have life, at least one thing fi give God thanks for” she said. So she kept reminding herself fi [gwaan watch di pace cause mi know one day me ago lock it.] O! “real original, real original gangsta girl..” 

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