Chronixx Capture Land tour Jamaica

Chronixx rock home crowd on Capture Land tour

Chronixx at JC in Kingston CLT

Fans shower Chronixx with praise after a 2 hour long performance at Jamaica College on his first ever, and possibly, the best attended and most successful tour performance showcase  by an International artiste in Jamaica. This is yet another great step in the right direction for Chronixx and for the Jamaican music industry on a whole.  From the outset, Chronixx Kingston leg of his Capture Land tour seemed promising.  A publication announcing Capture Land tour in Jamaica on this website resulted in persons calling us for information on ticket outlets and of course, was guided to Chronixx respective representatives to provide the details. One woman in expressing her love and appreciation for Chronixx music told us, she was taking her kids to the show as she believes Chronixx whole package/branding is elevating and an experience she believes her kids must have, as Jamaicans.

Chronixx performance was very entertaining and engaging.  His audience was very attentive, responsive and even patient at times as they watched the performance, allowing the 20 year old to be himself and show off the energy he brings.  Chronixx Capture Land Kingston leg brought out the type of crowd whose support speaks volume. It was not the crowd that’s searching for hype or was it the type that usually attend all reggae events if any. Some call it ‘uptown’ , and some may say ‘middle class’ and still some corporate. But whatever the label, whenever this wholesome, family and culturally oriented type of crowd throw their support in this manner behind a local artiste, it is a very, very good look indeed.

Now what better reporter of the overall showcase could there be than the fans themselves, who during and after the show flocked social media with their comments on Chronixx performance. We captured just a few but notable comments to share with you

Very mature ‘uptown’ audience at Jamaica College to see @Iamchronixx the people are starved for some good Reggae music #capturelandtour

RT @AllianceJamaica: Never use the word historic lightly, @IAmChronixx that was it

.@IAmChronixx is spectacular! He deserves all the success in the world! Such a stellar performer!

This was a great show. Powerful, Positive & Uplifting messages right tru #CaptureLandTour #smileJamaica @IAmChronixx


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