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Vybz Kartel’s Reign Remains Vibrant Complimented by New Merchandising and Outreach Projects

The Official VK (Vybz Kartel) Line has reached out to all the high schools in Portmore committing to donate at least one computer to each school. Atleast five computers will be distributed across five schools namely; Ascot, Cumberland, Bridgeport, Waterford and Greater Portmore High respectively. This move according to a release form part of the company, GEL (Gaza Education and Literacy) Programme which is designed to assist in increasing all forms of literacy in the youth of Portmore with computer literacy the platform from which the project is launched.

Brand Manager Shona-Lee S. Thompson for Official VK Line said, “increased computer literacy should also aid in other areas of accessing information.” The unisex line of clothing and shoes will be launched soon and is described as a ‘lifestyle’ brand that represents Vybz Kartel’s Gaza Movement. The brand represents the ambitious ghetto youth, and as a standard bearer, is expected to fill the void in the fashion industry as that local clothing line the youths feel is representative of their own lifestyle. 

It is also important to note that although Vybz Kartel is behind bars he continues to reign

in the music entertainment business in Jamaica, now having at least four popular tracks off his recently released  “King Of Dancehall” album, while the critically acclaimed “Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto” book co-authored by business partner Michael Dawson, is prominently displayed as a #1 Best Seller” in several book stores. This comes on the heels of it being ranked number one in its category on Amazon Kindle globally and sits in the Library of US Congress, New York, the British Library Systems and Princeton and Yale Universities. Sadly however is the fact that with all it’s successes, was left out of the recent Jamaican literary festivals or Reggae Month lectures when foreign authors and publishers were flown in to present their own books, the release stated. 

The team behind the Official VK Line has also indicated an interest in working to assist other students across the wider Portmore community and not just the schools currently identified.