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Third World Band Summer Europe Tour; 40th year celebration & chronicle their musical journey

Forty years of the finest Reggae music with the Reggae Ambassadors, THIRD WORLD!

With smash hits like “Now That We Found Love“, “96 Degree in the Shade“, “Try Jah Love,” 10 Grammy nominations and a vibrant and loyal fan base, THIRD WORLD band has been entertaining audiences throughout the world for four decades.  The group is known for producing and performing music that, while holding firm to the cultural and ancestral roots of the musicians, still pushes forward the cutting edge of global world music.  Their themes are positive, progressive, internationally relevant; an asset to any size music festival / event.

Celebrating 40 years, ‘Reggae Ambassadors,’ THIRD WORLD is one of the longest-lived Reggae bands of all elements of RnB, funk, pop and rock and later on, dancehall, Third World’s style has been described as “reggae-fusion.”  Singer Bunny Rugs described the band’s sound, “strictly a reggae band, no. Definitely a reggae band. yes.” Guitarist Cat Coore expressed, “The hyprid of various types of music is a natural thing because, by growing up in Jamaica, we know the direct roots of reggae and ska.  At the same time we live in a country where you got to hear Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and all the RnB artists.”  Bassist Richard Daley articulates, “We took roots reggae music and put branches on top of it.”

With 2014 on the horizon, THIRD WORLD is anticipating the launch of a new socially interactive website and a 40th anniversary merchandise line.  The band is currently recording a series of collaborations with a host of the “next generation” roots revival singers, as well as efforts with a selection of emerging European producers and artistes.  Concurrently, due to overwhelming and enthusiast fan demand, the Reggae Ambassadors are writing a book chronicling their musical journey over the past 40 years with projected publishing by summer 2014.  The band is currently accepting bookings in Europe for summer.