Busy Signal Cherine Anderson Chronixx Dre Island Jah Cure JanefrFinch Kabaka Pyramid Matisyahu Mavado Popcaan Sizzla Tami Tarrus Riley Tessanne Wrath Riley Ziggy Marley

10 Reggae/Dancehall artistes Insta Hot photo that rocks!

Picture Dis!

1.  Tarrus and his younger brother Wrath Riley. Wrath Riley in our opinion is one lyrically sic artiste and we luv him for real.  Check out the caption Tarrus posted on his FaceBook page.  

Star A Star….LOVE N RASPECT to mi Don @Wrathriley Strong pon di Earth fully it up Bro…Worst Behavior!!!! hahahahahahahaah….” Lol

2. Tessanne and Tami cho dem just cute suh! These two sisters love for each other is admirable and we love it.  Yea mon dem is like two peas in pod.  Living it up in China where Tess had gone to perform at China’s Ms Universe Competition.  Yup chiney galz dem iz Jamaican to the core..luv uno….*can’t stop smiling at this pic.

3.JanefrFinch and her one bwoy…..Yup! Jane from Finch has a son and he’s a big boy.  Jane won the award for Best Directed Film ‘Creature’ recently in Toronto at the CommFFest click to watch trailer. Jane directed the documentary film about her life as a gangster in Jane and Finch Canada. The CommFilmFestival Screening took place September 20.

4. Red Carpet life!!! Yup that’s how she’s living these days.  Tess walks the red carpet at China Ms. Universe click! click! picha tek!

5. Look pon dem rasta yah cho! awrite Papi ano rasta but who cares…read this caption
“There is only one judgement! We give thanks and praises for all a these talented youths. Now take a look at this constellation. @dre_island @chronixxmusic @popcaanmusic @therealjahcure @sizzla876. Nuff love to the whole #JudgementYard family__” Yup that was Chronixx, never a dull moment/picture from him….#Fewcha yuh heard?

6. And there’s more….yup this generation of Rasta, yes the artistes everyone is talking about put on a show when they appeared live recently at Usain Bolt’s Track and Record live show in Kingston. Kabaka Pyramid and friends Chronixx, Protoje, Jesse Royal, Iba Mahr, Dre Island, Kellissa, Exco Levi and Keznamdi. #DatNuhNormal

7. Hot head! Yerp it’s Bee-sy out of the Money Flow/Greeting video Busy wid di broom nuh! Always entertaining, which speaks to his over 1.4 million likes on FaceBook hot head! hot head!  

8. Got a chance to get into studio with Mavado while in Miami…heavy vibes coming soon. So says Matisyahu confirming a project with himself and the Gully Gad.

9.  When we saw this photo there was one comment by a fan that stood out…he looks so much like his father…yep he does but then, they all do, tbh…This shot captures Ziggy during a performance while on tour, hey Ziggy!

10. Black don’t crack! No not at all that’s why we love this photo sooooo much.  What these artistes have in common? Dem love dem self, no filter.

The caption: REBELS wid a cause!!!! Chronixx and Cherine. Suh buss a smile for me Jamaica. One Love, One Heart….