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Marvin Binns Release Soulful and Melodious Reggae Single “Big Up God”

“When I got this riddim from producer Richard Roache, he asks me to cover Shinehead’s original but I kept hearing these words and so wanted to use the opportunity to express myself on this classic riddim with utmost respect to Shinehead,”

Marvin Binns – Big Up God reggae song aims to motivate people as the world transitions. “Big Up God,” is Produced by record label, Digital One, and is out on all digital platforms. This inspiring track is poised to make waves across all digital platforms. Inspired by the reggae classic, “Strive” by Shinehead, “Big Up God” pays homage to the roots of reggae while infusing Marvin Binns’ unique and soulful sound. With heartfelt lyrics and infectious rhythms, the song is set to resonate with listeners around the world.

Jamaican reggae artist Marvin Binns’ music has consistently garnered applause for his soulful delivery, melodious sounds and messages. Although he enjoys singing for the ladies, throughout his career Marvin always drops a soul-searching song for the fans. His latest, “Big Up God” continues this tradition, embracing themes of spirituality, gratitude, and positivity. With his signature vocals and undeniable talent, Marvin Binns is set to capture the hearts of reggae enthusiasts and beyond.

“Big Up God” is crafted on the Victory Strive riddim and the Producer, Richard Roache is, “committed to delivering good reggae music.” Digital One has recreated a remarkable musical experience.

The release of “Big Up God” marks a significant milestone in Marvin Binns’ musical journey. Watching as ‘the world turns‘ and embracing the changes while striving to stay relevant musically. Marvin is quite certain many of his fans and people, in general, grapple with social changes, wars, global warming, AI and other issues that dominate the social spaces. He believes there could have never been a more appropriate time to create music that can help others to cope with these and other struggles they might have, “when I got this riddim, the producer asks me to cover Shinehead’s original but I kept hearing these words and so wanted to use the opportunity to express myself on this classic riddim with utmost respects to Shinehead,” he said.  “This is the outcome and I sincerely hope it actually makes someone, somewhere out there feel exactly the way I feel when I look to God, it’s a wonderful energy,” he smiles.

Fans and supporters can stream and download, “Big Up God” on all major digital platforms, ensuring easy access to this soul-stirring anthem.

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Reggae for now and then Way

Dem Yah Ole Time Days Rasta Man Will Never Fade Away

Some people choose music but it’s different when music choose you, as in the case of I-Taweh, an artist whose talent bloomed from the solid roots foundation of live performance. This Jamaican, native of Prickly Pole district in the parish of St. Ann comes in with his own set of originals, not sung on popular rhythms, not created with the current trends, but with the essence of the original roots and culture of reggae. Think Burning Spear and Joseph Hill and Culture or Israel Vibration, complimented with a sensibility of pop music on ballads and sung in a rich baritone with deep, soulful harmonies and moody delay effects.

Since the explosion of his single Overload’ in 2011, the musician turned solo artist I-Taweh has proven he IS Reggae and a soldier of the genre who’s mission is to continue the work of his elders strengthening, uplifting and educating generations of people. There are many Reggae artistes out there but not many chosen to help bring about a better people, a better society and a better future. I-Taweh is one of the chosen and declared, “cause I know dem yah ole time days rasta man yah, woulda never fade away” on his new single, Never Fade Away a must listen track off his upcoming album and master piece of solid, authentic reggae music. “A fire that’s been burning so hot and so deep” he told United Reggae in an interview is his reason for going solo and, a passion that bring out the crisp, clear, timeless sound of the former chanter of Count Ossie’s original Nyahbingi group, Mystic Revelation of Rastafari drives him to realize his dream.

Unlike the Dancehall genre, Reggae has almost never failed at producing a bunch of talented musicians and artistes specifically among Jamaicans year after year. However, the abundance of talent might also be one of the genres’ greatest disadvantage as many of these artistes and musicians are often overlooked. Although he toured Europe extensively in 2007 with count Ossie’s group, this multi-talented guitarist/musician, singer and songwriter has been in demand on and off the stage. His incredible versatility and precision on guitar and bass has been in great demand. I-Taweh recorded with the likes of Nigerian born, English singer-songwriter Sade, Dancehall/Reggae fire brand Capleton, the royal family of reggae Morgan HeritageLuciano the messenger and Sugar Minott who is accredited for the rise of contemporary Dancehall style. He also toured with Everton Blender as member of Blend Dem Band on guitar before calling it quits in 2009 to record and release his debut album, Overload.
I-Taweh ‘Never Fade Away’ video

It is now 2016 and once more I-Taweh is at it again, putting the final finishes on his soon to be released studio album. Never Fade Away the first single off this album is evident of what to expect from this project. Sounds of the best of live music, live performance and relaying messages with conviction. I-Taweh is one of the reggae artistes fans are yet to hear enough of. His work demands attention and is a clear cut path to the future of authentic reggae. This is Reggae, this is what it sounds like, this is what authentic reggae fans want to hear and this is how it’s done! Click song title Never Fade Away to listen the first single off the 2016 upcoming, soon to be announced album by I-Taweh that is slated for release at the end of September distributed on VPAL Record label.