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Inna Dis Yah Rhythm is Out Now!

Accentuating Understanding and Compassion

What is Reggae? This is! The highly anticipated Inna Dis Yah riddim reggae album is finally here! According to reggae label Global Beat Studio representative,  “this rhythm inspired the first two reggae artists Inezi and Khago who heard and vibed it to say inna dis yah jungle” and “inna dis yah ruff life crisis.” And so, the rhythm took on its moniker. “Inna Dis Yah” he continued, “is social commentary put to music from a generic, completely natural place.” From there, the Global Beats Studio owner decided to steer the project along that path by ensuring all other recording artists were so directed.

Freedom” by Aza Lineage, “Red Now” by Eesah and Jhoe Speng “Do Better” by Sizzla would follow to solidify the vision. A very powerful movement was being laid down on track by some powerful upcoming and veteran reggae artists such as, Runkus’s “In Addis Ababa” and Anthony B’s “Inna Yaad” offsetting the album’s theme and project the reggae culture of inspiring messages and one drop rhythm.

On the lead single, Jungle, which positively impacted several reggae radio stations across the United States, England and Europe upon it’s December 9th, 2022, release by Global Beats Studio roots-reggae & soul singer Inezi, sought to evoke feelings on matters of low socio-economic issues that affect the lives and livelihood of the common man. When asked what inspired him to write the song Inezi said, “this song is actually some people’s reality, some people’s life, constantly feeling like it’s a jungle type or alien battlefield.” Jungle offset an inspiring and reflective mood for the 2023 Black History month. The release of the entire Inna Dis Yah album from which the torch will be carried burning a fire on serious global economic conditions as it seeks to unify, motivate and encourage the global populace to stand strong regardless.

 Inna Dis Yah riddim is an interesting reggae album to listen, with a solid lineup of Artists and their very powerful messages. In a satisfying manner Global Beats Studio representative ended his conversation saying, “We are looking forward to its success from here on.

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Inezi Pain and Please EP reggae album

The Review – Inezi Pain and Pleasure

Contributed – Balance is the word I would use to describe this ‘Pain and Pleasure’ EP by Inezi. With relatable topics, the EP explodes open with ‘Refuse to be You‘ an upbeat rhythm with lyrics describing social issues and introducing Inezi’s irregular sound, can it get any more real than this?

The opening track ‘Refuse To Be You‘ sets the tone for the EP, keeping you in suspense about where Inezi will carry his voice-over of these beautiful melodies.

‘Scatter Me Now’ forces you to connect with your emotions and search your personality; making sure that your integrity is intact. Inezi delicately rides the rhythm while his voice gently blends with the musical tones. Yes, this EP has me excited! Excited for the new sound, excited for the content of meaningful lyrics, and excited for the opportunities that will become available to the artiste upon the release of this EP.

Over a roots/dub rhythm ‘Blame Me‘ exposes thought-provoking energy that can arise in a relationship when the responsibilities of the issues at hand are put onto one party. I must highlight the electric guitar on ‘Blame Me‘, as it complements the voice of Inezi in ways that emphasize and concludes the ‘pain’ section of this EP.

With an afro-beat leading us into the pleasure and seductive lyrics of the EP, we move ‘On It’ and slide into ‘Fine Wine‘ which invites you to indulge in a 70/80 soul felt sound allowing you to adjust your emotions, smile, and feel ‘Higher‘ for the duration.

It’s the harmonies for me! The voice of Inezi is so clean, controlled, and full of passion. This EP has been very well executed. I literally take a presidential break while discovering the message in the music. The perfect balance of ‘Pain and Pleasure‘.


Written by: Lynnora ‘Lee’ Stedford – LUV RADIO