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Visions of Rasta’s Paradise

“visions of Rasta’s Paradise”

When Jamaican singer Vernal Sage teamed up with one of reggae music’s pioneer, Mr. Boris Gardner, he was so excited to work with him he said, “after my friend Norman aka Azee gave me 6 love in a domino game he concluded I stick with making music as he was impressed with my songwriting ability. He got me linked up with Boris, the rest was history, the man is a maestro!” 

Vernal Sage, along with musician Donovan Downer from the Fab Five reggae band and Boris got together to launch their first project, a single entitled “Rasta’s Paradise” on Boris’s Bronco Label. Boris Gardner in an interview with DJ Kat on Jamaica’s KLAS FM station shared how he felt when he heard the song for the first time he said, “I liked the song the first time I heard it and as I listened I said it’s a nice song I just need to straighten out a few verses and submit the second set of lyrics, so he agreed with me and he went home and sat down and the next day he came with a new verse.” Joking he added,  “I said I didn’t know that he was a poet also!” Click here to listen to the full interview.

Rasta’s Paradise is the inspiration behind a book that was written by Caribbean Author K. Shawn

Harris entitled, Reggae Superstar. Vernal Sage said, “It is a special request by the author himself to have the song written and recorded as ‘title track’ for the Reggae Superstar storybook content.

Vernal Sage hails from the parish of Westmoreland, in Jamaica, an old-schooler in music, his early musical influences were Ernest Wilson and Cocoa T, his neighbor, and friend from the district of Rocky Point in Clarendon where they both resided and where he harnessed his dream of becoming a Jamaican entertainer in his formative years.

Vernal Sage emerged once again onto the music scenes in June 2020, with his new single, Rasta’s Paradise, a new music career, and, with new and exciting ventures to further indulge reggae music lovers.

Written by: Sophia McKay

For NIPnews