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Off With a Bang – 2020 Reggae and Dancehall First Month Motivation

Young Jamaican Recording Artists For Super Bowl 
As Koffee rides high kicking it with the stars she is slated to perform on two major American concert stages Coachella and the Super Bowl Weekend preludes. Joining her are the rising Jamaican stars Shensea and Squash 6ix Boss on the list of performers for the Viewtopia Music Festival. These events create major opportunities for artists trying to increase their fanbase and garner international exposure. Viewtopia is one of the biggest preludes of the NFL Super Bowl.
Inner Circle “Bad Boys” Honoured 
Iconic Reggae band Inner Circle was honored at the world premiere of the highly anticipated movie series, Bad Boys 4 For Life 4 recently in Miami. Their Bad Boys soundtrack created high energy for the movie since its 1995 debut and is claimed to be the most popular Reggae song of all time. Bad Boys For Life 4 is the final in a series that reunites American Actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on screen for the first time in 17 years in the “Bad Boys” action franchise. The film is directed by Michael Bay and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. Inner Circle celebrates 50 years in music in 2019.

Buju Banton Dancehall Influence on Bad Boys For Life 4 Soundtrack
Joining Inner Circle on the soundtrack playlist is none other than the now, Roc Nation recording artist Buju Banton who added his dancehall input to a soundtrack entitled,  “Murda She Wrote,” for the Bad Boys For Life 4 movie, that rides to $6.36 million USD at the box office in pre-shows.

Numbers Don’t Lie – Popcaan “Vanquish” Mixtape 
When Popcaan released ‘Vanquish’ mixtape on Drake’s OVO Sound label back in December 2019 it debut at Number 2 on Billboard Reggae charts. The mixtape, which Pappy gifted to his fans for Christmas was released ahead of his 2020 album as a way of offloading some of the numerous tracks Popcaan said he has recorded and not released.  ‘Vanquish’ since its’ release has already garnered over 3 million views collectively on youtube alone with the track Numbers Don’t Lie receiving over 930,000 views. 

In an interview with Hot 97s radio personality Ebro Darden aka Old Man Ebro, Popcaan hails rapper Drake for supporting and shedding light on Dancehall by shedding light on him (Popcaan). He also revealed that a Drake/Popcaan collaboration will be included on his 2020 album.

“To Tanesha” The Album by Vybz Kartel Interesting Perspectives
Released January 10th, 2020 To Tanesha by Vybz Kartel is essentially a love letter from a

dancehall artist expressing certain emotions to his baby momma..” and, “a centrally RnB and Hip Hop album created to show the artiste diversity, as stated in a release.  However, Vbyz Kartel is quick to point out, “…I say I am in no way trying to be a hip hop artiste or switching genre camps.”  Interestingly too is the fact that “no profanity” was used throughout the entire album plus, a number of the tracks slaps! Favorites include, “More Than You Receive,” “Case Iron Heart,” “Rocket To Da Moon” among at least 5 tracks that are steadily streaming. According to a release posted on producers, Vybz Kartel And Shortboss Musik labels, “The album features some of dancehall and reggae’s most prolific artists such as Jesse Royal and Jada Kingdom” whom the incarcerated DJ personally acknowledge as, ” ..two people I admire and while listening to each track just felt that their unique styles were the right match for the project.”

Explaining the process of creating tracks for the project Kartel said, “shaping the sound for this new album was a “play by ear process as I’ve never  done a Hip Hop and RnB influenced album before but being a fan of my American cousins genre, I pretty much knew how to shape my original melodies.” 

Morgan Heritage Launch iJAM Music Fest
Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Morgan Heritage launches the iJAM Music Festival in Miami. The one-day festival features international music superstars performing a spectrum of genres including Reggae, Rock, RnB, Soca, Latin, and much more all while bringing awareness through music and maintaining a sound mind, body, and soul.

St Lucian Reggae Artist Ambassadorship Recognition
St Lucian Reggae artist Taj Weekes was named Goodwill and Brand Ambassador of Saint Lucia, the Government announced. “The Saint Lucia Goodwill Ambassadors program is proposed as a tool to actualize the national cultural policy in a number of key areas,” said Minister Fortuna Belrose. “They are citizens of Saint Lucia who have received international acclaim and the overall objective of the program is to serve as a catalyst for socio-economic transformation and the development of human capital in all sectors related to the creative arts and the industries, sports, visual arts, gastronomy, and music.” 

Sophia McKay
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Insta Hot- Dope Pic and Fan Art

Popcaan Drake in South Africa

Popcaan after “Controlla”…. out in the streets of South Africa with Drake. #Papi #Drizzy

Need some t’shirts with these pon dem ……
“If dese dope one more time!!!” Bounty Killa and Sizzla Kolanji fan art #meanNclean #toodope  #Dada Insta-Hot!


Drake Popcaan VIEWS

Popcaan Did Not Make Drake’s Highly Anticipated ‘VIEWS’ Album

Although widely speculated that he would have, Popcaan did not make Drake’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, VIEWS. The collaboration on which he was featured entitled, “Controlla” was leaked online ahead of the official release of the 20 songs tracklist and might have been the reason why the artiste was bumped off. 

Although Dancehall and the Jamaican culture are prominent on many of the albums released by a major Hip-Hop/POP artiste over the last year, no Jamaican hardcore Dancehall artiste has been able to penetrate the US market in like manner as Sean Paul. Needless to say the artistes are not making the type of music that appeals to the market because we see elements of what both artistes and dancers create, copied and used in its original state on popular tracks and music videos. Dancehall slangs, punchlines, rhythms, style, choreography, and culture has become a phenomenon among Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop music, but Dancehall artistes and dancers are not. 

Popcaan and Drake seems to be fans of each other. Drizzy have even been heard repeating familiar ‘Popcaan slangs. But while Popcaan #VIEWS @Drake on his twitter page some fans of the Dancehall artiste were not pleased and went in on Drizzy on social media for excluding Pappy off the the album. At this time it’s still not known why Popcaan was left off the album or if, he was even considered in the first place.


Busy Signal Cherine Anderson Chronixx Dre Island Jah Cure JanefrFinch Kabaka Pyramid Matisyahu Mavado Popcaan Sizzla Tami Tarrus Riley Tessanne Wrath Riley Ziggy Marley

10 Reggae/Dancehall artistes Insta Hot photo that rocks!

Picture Dis!

1.  Tarrus and his younger brother Wrath Riley. Wrath Riley in our opinion is one lyrically sic artiste and we luv him for real.  Check out the caption Tarrus posted on his FaceBook page.  

Star A Star….LOVE N RASPECT to mi Don @Wrathriley Strong pon di Earth fully it up Bro…Worst Behavior!!!! hahahahahahahaah….” Lol

2. Tessanne and Tami cho dem just cute suh! These two sisters love for each other is admirable and we love it.  Yea mon dem is like two peas in pod.  Living it up in China where Tess had gone to perform at China’s Ms Universe Competition.  Yup chiney galz dem iz Jamaican to the core..luv uno….*can’t stop smiling at this pic.

3.JanefrFinch and her one bwoy…..Yup! Jane from Finch has a son and he’s a big boy.  Jane won the award for Best Directed Film ‘Creature’ recently in Toronto at the CommFFest click to watch trailer. Jane directed the documentary film about her life as a gangster in Jane and Finch Canada. The CommFilmFestival Screening took place September 20.

4. Red Carpet life!!! Yup that’s how she’s living these days.  Tess walks the red carpet at China Ms. Universe click! click! picha tek!

5. Look pon dem rasta yah cho! awrite Papi ano rasta but who cares…read this caption
“There is only one judgement! We give thanks and praises for all a these talented youths. Now take a look at this constellation. @dre_island @chronixxmusic @popcaanmusic @therealjahcure @sizzla876. Nuff love to the whole #JudgementYard family__” Yup that was Chronixx, never a dull moment/picture from him….#Fewcha yuh heard?

6. And there’s more….yup this generation of Rasta, yes the artistes everyone is talking about put on a show when they appeared live recently at Usain Bolt’s Track and Record live show in Kingston. Kabaka Pyramid and friends Chronixx, Protoje, Jesse Royal, Iba Mahr, Dre Island, Kellissa, Exco Levi and Keznamdi. #DatNuhNormal

7. Hot head! Yerp it’s Bee-sy out of the Money Flow/Greeting video Busy wid di broom nuh! Always entertaining, which speaks to his over 1.4 million likes on FaceBook hot head! hot head!  

8. Got a chance to get into studio with Mavado while in Miami…heavy vibes coming soon. So says Matisyahu confirming a project with himself and the Gully Gad.

9.  When we saw this photo there was one comment by a fan that stood out…he looks so much like his father…yep he does but then, they all do, tbh…This shot captures Ziggy during a performance while on tour, hey Ziggy!

10. Black don’t crack! No not at all that’s why we love this photo sooooo much.  What these artistes have in common? Dem love dem self, no filter.

The caption: REBELS wid a cause!!!! Chronixx and Cherine. Suh buss a smile for me Jamaica. One Love, One Heart….


Bobby Shmurda 'Hot Nigga' remix featuring Mavado Jah X Junior Reid Popcaan

Mavado Popcaan Junior Reid and Jah X for Bobby Shmurda ‘Modmon” or Hot Nigga Revamp

New York’s out-of-nowhere sensation Bobby Shmurda just might have the song of the summer with ‘Hot Nigga,” but he’s about to add more fire.

As reported on Vibe Magazine website, 20 year old Jamaica-Trinidadian spitter is putting on for his West Indian people with an official dancehall remix to his viral hit, which hit No. 52 on Billboard Hot 100 this week.  Shmurda says Mavado, Popcaan, Junior Reid and Jah X are hopping  on the ‘Modmon” revamp.

The GS9 boss says the remix should hit just in time for the annual West Indian Day Parade, which takes place September 1 and treks Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway, not far from the block where Bobby’s signature dance first went worldwide.  The shockwaves of the Jahlil Beats-produced “Hot Nigga” have already far exceeded New York City.

Jamaica’s already going crazy, they got me in the newspaper and all that,” says Bobby who made a surprise appearance during Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour in New Jersey. “Mavado called me yesterday saying they be talking about me all on the radio in Jamaica.

There are plans for another “Hot Nigga” update – Chris Brown, French Montana, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes are names that have been thrown around – but Shmurda lives up to his alias (shh!) when it comes to speaking about guests on the second remix.  As for this weekend’s big parade in Brookly, Bobby is

John Kennedy Vibe Magazine