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Reggae Band ‘One Third’ will meet their ideal audience when they perform at Jamaica Jazz & Blues

One Third – (l-r) Adrian, Al, Miguel

Reggae Band One Third is fired up about their first ever performance on the Jamaica Jazz and Blues main stage.  The three young men who forms the band, Miguel Walters, Alpheus Johnson and Adrian Campbell stole the hearts of all Jamaicans in front of their television screens back in 2006 when they emerged winners of the local popular talent contest, The Digicel Rising Stars.  One Third brought an upbeat performance the Jamaican household was not ready for, a mix of sophisticated, jazzy and bluesy covers fused with reggae and dancehall beats. They delivered their set each week reminiscent of how Americans presented sheet music once upon a time, blending harmonies, alto and sopranos and propelled the standard of performance for that competition to new heights. 

One Third

One Third will now meet their ideal audience at a major event when they perform at Jamaica Jazz and Blues, “we will be performing on Saturday night, February 1 with our IN2Nation band” said Miguel Walters, “and have put together what we believe will be an entertaining package for our audience.”  The set he continued, “will be a wonderful mix of genres in true One Third style that our fans have come to know and love this band for.”  

One Third have performed across the island, the Caribbean and United States since 2006. They called their unique style ‘Reggae-soul’ and has recorded and released several covers and originals to include their popular, Take My Breath Away, The Streets and The World is Mine, I Wanna Know What Love is, One A Way, I Want Your Love and Memories.

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By: Sophia McKay
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Jermaine Michael’s Signature Country Music/Reggae Sound Impacts Radio!

The formula is proven as shown through six weeks of intense Digicel Rising Star competition.  Jermaine Michael delivers on his first single, Corner Stone continuing to capture a country music fused/Jamaican Reggae style sound local audiences have come to recognize as his own.

Incorporating lessons learned from the competition, Jermaine go about promoting his music and video with zest as he cements his name in the local music industry.  “His whole attitude and work ethics is so encouraging,” says Manager Stasha Smith, “it’s really encouraging, trust me.”

As Jermaine humbly looks on, one gets the feeling that his confidence level is high.  His modest persona and searching eyes suggest that he knows what time it is and is ready to take on whatever.  Several interviews and increasing airplay after the launch of his Corner Stone single, things look positive for this artist and as he relaxes into what can be a life-long campaign it is going to interesting to see how his career unfolds working towards recapturing the hearts of his Jamaican fans.