Insta Hot Picks Reggae/Dancehall females

Reggae/Dancehal “Insta Hot” female picks

It is a common practice of ours to feature the males of the Reggae/Dancehall industry so we decide to accumulate pics of some of OUR favourite female reggae/dancehall artistes for this Insta Hot Picks feature. Of course, this could not be our only feature on females in Reggae and Dancehal, there definitely will be more. But for now, check out these hotties.

hot gyal a hot gyal and there’s no denying Samantha J. She’s a hottie and the rest is left to the imagination #noneedtoshowitall #gotwhatittakes

Helleerrrrr!!! Denyque looking cute even without that winning smile. Another promising reggae/dancehall artiste for us. Nice music, good vibe, good looks and Oh! did you see her jumping in carnival?

You know you’re a day1 FAN when you have a hard copy of Alaine’s “No Ordinary Love” but if you don’t it’s coo cuz the girl’s music is banging, every track by hurrrr has our pass code on it #shebod
Deevahs! And you must have heard “Dat Nah Go Work” by Ikaya and Shuga. One of the better collabs by two of our favourites. If not, you live unda a rock, no lie.  That track is one of our favourite tracks right now #femaleempowerment  #GirlsAnthem yerp!
Mz Ishawna might be raunchy but that does not take away from her good looks nope.  She cute and fashion forward we had to go seek her out for our feature, yerp!
Saving the best for last.  Lawks we doe waan sound bias but iz we potus….She cute eeh? Tess just can’t go wrong she always on point. Not many words needed..potusssss lol