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Sativa Mimic “Foreign Mind” Jamaicans on New Single

Sativa D Black 1

Jamaican reggae artist Sativa D Black 1 has released yet another powerhouse single entitled, Foreign Mind’ you would love to hear!

The lyrically hard hitting single mimics the Jamaican/foreigner who only returns to his island home for funerals and flaunting and constantly complains about the hardship of living overseas.   Sativa D Black 1’s message to those individuals is, “if you say that foreign hard me want dem space a time dem deh deh and a waste...” 

Jamaica’s Irie FM radio veteran host Elise Kelly upon introducing “Foreign Mind” to her audience recently is impressed with the level of work Sativa D Black 1 produces she said, “You see this bredrin here whey name Sativa D Black 1, you know you have some artist dem just step out and, dem just confident and need your support..” and, “this bredrin here Sativa D Black 1….every time you come out wid a chune it better than the chune before……me love the fact sey Sativa mek we see, mek we hear sey him a big artist. Mek we see, mek we hear fi we self sey him have a whole heap a gwaan fi him..” Log on/Click Facebook @sativadblack1 to hear more of Ms. Elise Kelly’s opinion on Sativa D Black 1.

“Foreign Mind” is written by the artist whose real name is Shaun Smith and produced by management label CharmB Productions out of New York City. The track follows his Cashflow produced banger Check On I, the popular, Petty Thiefoff the YGF Record label, his first official CharmB produced single “Ungrateful”, “Elders produced by Hungry Mouth Production and “Know Jah” by Wade Wade Productions. Click to watch videos Check On I and Petty Thief.

The all too kind, conscious, hardworking and persistent reggae artiste is also a natural performer who confidently stepped into the competitive Jamaican music arena two (2) years ago under new management and on a mission to win. Right now,  he has most certainly created the momentum for a major explosion!

To keep up with his live performances, new music and music videos, interviews and reviews be sure to follow his social media @sativadblack1

Written by: Sophia McKay