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Reggae Artist Bushman Welcome New Team Members; New EP & Readiness for 2024 Tour

Bushman Vlog Series

Reggae artist Bushman would like promoters, media and fans of reggae music to know that he has brought new members on board his team to assist with the “administrative side of things,” and “musical direction” for his upcoming EP.

In a press release, the reggae revivalist hinted at dropping a new 7-track EP soon, Season 2 of the highly anticipated, “Where I’m From” Vlog, BushBash 420 music concert, the inclusion of new members in his camp and readiness for summer 2024 touring season.

The Rastafarian, Jamaican music singer welcomed Sophia McKay, Founder of New Image Promotions to the camp. Ms McKay will be in charge of publicity and promotions as well as, assist with all Bookings. Promoters are urged to contact her or Burning Bushes Music Manager, Mrs Vanessa Duncan for “credible representation” ahead of the 2024 summer tour season. Also on board is well-known music composer/producer Mickey Bennett, “for musical direction specifically related to” the release of his upcoming EP.

Fans of Bushman will enjoy a slew of upcoming activities that include Season 2 of Where I’m From Vlog, a brand new EP album release, a BushBash 420 music concert never-before-experienced vibe in Jamaica and, the rolling out of additional investment opportunities in Bushman NFts Sacrament Collection.

Known as one of Jamaica’s finest vocalists and a key part of the roots reggae resurgence in Jamaica in the late 1990s, Bushman promises, to captivate audiences with soulful reggae rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics on the new EP, while hinting at the possibility of including, “special featured collaborations” to add a unique dimension to the project.

Meanwhile, “Where I’m From” Season 2 is slated to premiere in November 2023. Bushman is currently, “in the midst of shooting  while working on his EP.”  Where I’m From vlog is a deeply personal exploration of culture, influences, and social issues within Bushman’s home parish, St. Thomas, narrated by Bushman himself and offering an intimate and authentic perspective.

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Nostra Entertainment Presents: ‘Born Believer’. A New Song by Recording Artist “Kingpin”

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Kingpin “Born Believer”

Kingston, Jamaica – Nostra Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of the inspiring new single, “Born Believer,” by the talented dancehall recording artist Kingpin. With this heartfelt and introspective song, Kingpin takes listeners on a musical journey, reflecting on his personal growth and the challenges he has overcome. Through his lyrics, he delves into his family, the supportive environment at Nostra Entertainment, and his vision for success in both his musical career and life.

“Born Believer” provides a vivid glimpse into the Nostra lifestyle, revealing Kingpin’s emergence as a Dancehall entertainer destined for greatness. Inspired by his own experiences and aspirations, Kingpin showcases his determination to cement his name as a high-calibre artist within the genre. Through his distinctive sound and unique storytelling ability, he aims to captivate audiences worldwide.

Kingpin’s latest release serves as an inspiration to his peers and individuals facing daily obstacles. The song’s title, “Born Believer,” encapsulates his unwavering belief in his own potential and his steadfast conviction that he will become the successful artist he sings about and envisions. By sharing his personal journey and struggles, Kingpin aims to uplift and motivate listeners to overcome their own challenges and pursue their dreams relentlessly.


With its infectious beats and powerful lyrics, “Born Believer” showcases Kingpin’s versatility as an artist. His ability to combine elements of dancehall, captivating melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics creates an engaging and dynamic listening experience. This new single is a testament to his growth as a musician and his commitment to delivering exceptional music to his fans.

Nostra Entertainment, the record label behind all musical production by Kingpin strive for nurturing exceptional talent and is proud to support Kingpin on his musical journey. The collaboration between Kingpin and Nostra Entertainment has proven to be a recipe for success, allowing the artist to thrive in an environment that nurtures creativity, authenticity, and growth.

“Born Believer” is now available on all major streaming platforms, allowing fans and music enthusiasts to experience Kingpin’s remarkable talent first-hand. Listeners can look forward to a musical masterpiece that not only entertains but also inspires and motivates.

For more information on Kingpin and his latest release, use the social media handle @_1kingpin

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Chart Wise – MAJOR LAZER edge closer to Billboard’s Hot 100 top spot

Moving into Billboard Hot 100 Top 5 this week with “Lean On,” Major Lazer is trending along an impressive path stemming from a stellar 1400 spins on mediabase chart. OMI still sits pretty even though “Cheerleader” has moved to #2 on Billboard Hot 100.

Top 40: Weeknd Holds Top Spot; Major Lazer Top 3; Selena Top 5; Sheeran Top 10; R. City/Levine, 5 seconds Top 15

*THE WEEKND holds the top spot with “Can’t Feel My Face” for a second week
*MAJOR LAZER climbs tops 3, moving 5*-3* with “Lean On” – up a stellar 1400 spins
*SELENA GOMEZ enters top 5 as “Good For You,” featuring A$AP ROCKY, rises 6*-5* and is up and 1397 spins
*ED SHEERAN adds another top 10 to his resume with “Photograph” moving 11* -10* and +722 spins  
*R. CITY climbs inside the top 15, rising 17* – 12* with “Locked Away,” featuring ADAM LEVINE and up 2124 spins
*5 SECONDS OF SUMMER also enter the top 15 with an 18*-15* move for “She’s Kinda Hot”
*ONE DIRECTION is now top 20 in their third week with “Drag Me Down” surging 26*-19* up 1744 spins
*Also new to the top 20 is “I Don’t Like It, I Love It” up *22-20* by FLO RIDA
*Newcomer HAILEE STEINFELD soars on to chart at 28* with “Love Myself”
*THE WEEKND enters th chart at 32* with “The Hills”
*DISCLOSURE and SAM SMITH team up again and debut at 34* with “Omen”

Rhythmic: Weeknd “Face” holds of OMI; Weeknd “Hills” Top 10; Big Sean, Meek Mill Top 15; Songz, Selena Top 20; R. City/Levine Top Debut 

*THE WEEKND continues to hold the top spot at Rhythmic, in addition to his #1 spot at Top 40 with “Can’t Feel My Face”
*OMI is a little over 200 spins back as “Cheerleader” holds in the runner up spot
*MAJOR LAZER (+422) and FETTY WAP (+734 spins) remain at 4* and 5* respectively 
*THE WEEKND now has two inside the top 10 as “The Hills” goes 13*-8* and is +703 spins……

Billboard Reggae Albums Top 10 update

On the Billboard Reggae Chart new entry Joss Stone’s “Water For Soul” remains at Number 1 
*Jah Cure still holds #4 with The Cure” 
* Rebelution #5 with “Count Me In”
*Gospel artiste Carlene Davis enters the chart with “Dripping Blood” at #6
*Bob Marley and The Wailers holds #7 with “Easy Skanking Boston 78” 
*Kymani Marley still holds #9 with Maestro” 
*”Reggae Gold 2015,” “Soca Gold 2015,” “Reggae On The Collection,” and “Reggae Anthology – King Jammy Roots Reality and Sleng Teng,” holds the numbers 2, #3, #8 and #10 respectively