2015 Addis Ababa Bob Marley statue in Ethiopia erected April 16

One Year Since City Officials in Ethiopia Erect Life Size Bob Marley Statue

One year ago, April 16th, 2015 a life-size, bronze statue of the legendary, reggae king, Bob Marley was fully erected in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at a roundabout in the Gerji area, also named after the original ‘gong’ himself. The statue was unveiled by city officials and is a creation of Ethiopian sculptor, Bizuneh Tesfa.

Now a monument, the statue depicting Marley in a swaying movement, carrying his guitar, and his face covered by his dreadlocks is the brainchild of brothers Zeleke Gessese, a musician, Addisu Gessese a music promoter and business man Awad Mohamed in commemoration of Bob Marley’s

70th birthday celebration. “It was Bob Marley’s love, proclamations and philosophical link to the country that inspired the idea. As his message speaks highly of Ethiopia and the rest of the African diaspora, hence it was fitting in the eyes of the contributors to erect the statue in Addis Ababa.”


2015 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan visited Bob Marley's museum September 30

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe visits Bob Marley’s Museum

PMs: Shinzo Abe and Portia Simpson-Miller

The Bob Marley museum has once again taken centre stage on the historic visit of a G7 (Group of Seven) leader, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan.

Prime Minister Abe arrived in Kingston, September 30, 2015 for a two-day visit on official business and it is reported he headed to the museum after having bilateral talks with Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.This marks the second such visit by a leader of one of seven major advanced economies/countries of the world this year. US President Barrack Obama’s visit earlier this year, marks the first.

Japan and Jamaica shares a longstanding musical relationship, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Bob Marley’s museum once again reminds us of the far reaching effect of the music of the great Bob Marley and the level respect he’s afforded through his music. 

It’s a good look! 

Photo credit: Bryan Cummings

2015 Choice songs for IReggaeDay July 1

iReggaeDay: 5 Choice Reggae Songs by a Female Artiste

1. Serve and Protect by Queen Ifrica

2. Reggae by Etana 

3. Mi Nuh Kno by Sophia Squire (try till mi heart soar)

4. Avocado by Jah9

5. Black Starliner by Khalila Rose


2015 July 1 International Reggae Day

International Reggae Day July 1

Once a year, Jamaica host International Reggae Day, July 1 to commemorate reggae music across the world. The motherland of this great music celebrate the genre hosting dozens of artistes local and international in a marvelous music marathon. Many artistes travel from across the world to the island to pay homage to the music as well as participate in the day’s activities. Celebrations also takes place in the US in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and New York city, Bombay India, London, Brazil (Rio), Hawaii (Honolulu), Mexico City and Spain (Madrid).

Activities throughout the day includes an Art exhibition at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston and an all-day conference starting at 8:30am. A sound system presentation will also take place at the Countryside Club on Courtney Walsh Drive at 8:00pm where Lloyd ‘King’ Jammy James will mix live with Winston ‘Merritone’ Blake. Other selectors to participate includes UK mix master Jay as well as selectors from BESS FM and SunCity Radio.  The sound system presentation is an evening affair. Representatives of that industry which plays a seminal role in the development of Jamaican popular music will be awarded and includes; King Jammys, Meritone, Stone Love Movement, Prince Buster’s Voice of the People, Louise Fraser-Bennett, the famous Japanese sound system Mighty Crown and the Jamaica Sound System Federation.

The Emancipation Park in New Kingston will host a combination of lifestyle and music dubbed Yoga and Digital Art in The Park at 7:00pm.  International Reggae Day ambassador, the soulful reggae artiste Jah9 will be present as an avid yoga practitioner. Live Streaming on


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Lily Claire-Bellamy (L), Andrea Davis (C) & Minister Anthony Hilton smile for us.. IRD KGN Conference #ThisIsMyReggae

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It is not beyond us to play REGGAE for the day. For Int’l Reggae Day. Play the music! Lee Scratch Perry on the airwaves! #ThisIsMyReggae

Apart of Cordell Green’s Presentation on Reggae Music reaching All over the world… #ThisIsMyReggae

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BELLINGHAM … Third World is here! Ready to bring the Reggae vibes of Jamaica to you tonight.… 


2015 Jamaican film industry July 7 – 11 Kingston

Jamaica Film Festival in Kingston this Summer

city of Kingston, Jamaica

The Jamaica Film Festival, scheduled to be held in Kingston, July 7 – 11, 2015, is shaping up to be an exciting one, which will showcase the talents of the best and brightest in the Jamaican film industry. The festival promises to be a dynamic cinematic and cultural event, featuring both local and international movies.

There will also be a music day, to include: workshops; and a live reggae concert, at the Tuff Gong International Recording Studios. An exclusive beach party is planned for Saturday, which is geared to be a celebration of “fun in the sun,” against the visual bliss of the majestic Blue Mountains, as a backdrop in the distance.
The city of Kingston will come alive as the patrons of the festival enjoy the unique opportunity to experience why the Jamaican culture is so infectious. The capital city offers unparalleled culinary experiences; a vibrant nightlife; museums and galleries rich in culture; as well as, the warm hospitality of the Jamaican people.
Kingston boasts restaurants owned by and named after three of our iconic sports superstars, including Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records, Courtney Walsh’s Cuddy’z and Chris Gayle’s Triple Century. In addition, the metropolis is home to the fourth best place to have ice cream in the world, available at Devon House.  This Great House was built in the late 19th century as the residence of the first Black Jamaican millionaire; and, it is a masterpiece of Caribbean Victorian architecture and elegance.
Jamaica is also home to the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee and Reggae Music, therefore, Kingston’s energy and vibe will revitalize anyone. And, as a city with the seventh largest harbour in the world and numerous historic sites, Kingston has a variety of unforgettable experiences to offer, visitors and production crews that will last a lifetime.
Movie: King of Dancehall currently being shot in Jamaica

The festival seeks to promote Jamaica as a location, which is more than a magnificent backdrop.  And, will reveal that the country is currently experiencing a creative revolution; given its recognition as the cultural powerhouse of the Caribbean, producing outstanding cinematic creative products of international standard; with its breath-taking locations; state-of-the-art technical services, and a wealth of local talent.

These attributes have led to a deeper focus in the development of local creative industries, in particular film, with the goal of becoming one of the regional thought leaders in the industry. Therefore, our objective is to position Jamaica as the regional hub for creative talent and services; and, hosting abona fide national film festival will assist us to solidify the directions and growth necessary.
The island is home to five production houses, each with more than four decades of experience in film and video production; and their technical skills are considered to be of world and industry standards. Our technical expertise ranges from world-renowned directors to the warmth and hospitality of our drivers, all of whom maintain the passion and desire to make crews comfortable during their work in Jamaica.
Jamaican television has also evolved; and continues to produce relevant, entertaining and engaging content. Home to one of the longest running soap operas in the English-speaking Caribbean, Royal Palm Estate/The Blackburns has set the island’s TV industry leagues ahead in the region. And, the industry continues to create shows that appeal to an international audience.
On the cusp of five feature films being released during the past three years–Better Mus

shot from the movie King of Dancehall in Kingston

Come, Rise Up, Ghett’a Life, One People and Ring Di Alarm— Jamaica’s emerging film industry has been given new life. As a result, more local content productions are being distributed internationally in the United Kingdom; throughout other countries in Europe; as well as, in South Africa and Japan.

Consequently, the growth of the international film industry has set the stage for Jamaicans to further develop as content creators; and the opportunity for our talent to be in high demand worldwide.
2015 The Cherine Anderson Groove Campus Show live on radio as of April 15

Cherine Anderson go live in a new talk show on radio

Singer/songwriter Cherine Anderson will go live on Bess 100FM radio in Jamaica April 15, 2015. The recording artist/entertainer and philanthropist will be giving students a platform to engage, share ideas and become part of the solution for some of the issues affecting their schools via her new talk show dubbed, The Cherine Anderson Groove Campus Show. 

Cherine’s ‘talk-show’ will be launched in tandem with a Groove Campus Tour, which is a ground-breaking initiative intended to connect leading musical bands with student outreach projects to promote education, creativity, entertainment and social responsibility.  

The bi-annual tour will help to kick-start fundraising effort for student led projects through a series of live on-campus concerts. A series of ‘projects’ have already been confirmed and includes a ‘Breakfast’ at the Queens High school,’ Gears Up Cadet’ at Monroe College, the Holy Trinity High ‘Keep It Moving Fitness’, ‘Pool Refurbishing’ at G.C. Foster College, the Excelsior High ‘ Sci-Tech”, Rollington Town Primary ‘Cool Down Ceiling Fan’ and an open campus all day cook-out and lunch hour concert from which proceeds with go to the ROC Foundation Scholarship Programme.

The Cherine Anderson Groove Campus Show will be a must-listen progressive youth talk and music show. Listeners will get a chance to experience Cherine’s unique, down-to-earth and entertaining personality, as well as a diverse mix of interviews with scholars, CEOs, professional athletes as well as other celebrity guests from television, film and music.


2015 President Barack Obama's first stop on historic Jamaica visit April 8 was the Bob Marley Museum

US President Barack Obama first stop on historic visit to Jamaica The Bob Marley Museum

The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, might have done the coolest thing a President of the free world has every done, when he visited the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston on his historic visit to Jamaica, April 8, 2015.  It is reported that within an hour of landing at the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston, where he met Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller and other Dignitaries, President Barrack Obama made an unscheduled visit at the Bob Marley Museum Hope Road ahead of his official meetings.

Now ain’t that cool? Oh yes it is, President Obama was photographed inside the 
museum looking around in awe and reports 
are that he even admitted he “still has all the albums.” Several artists made favourable comments towards the President’s visit. Ace Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer tweet, “the worl boss is here Jamaica” while singer/songwriter Alaine in anticipation of the President’s arrival Alaine tweet, “watching this POTUS arrival!” to her fans. Shaggy and other artistes and djs sent shout-outs across their social media in favour of the President’s visit, some made ‘light’ of the historic moment with memes. President Barack Obama said of his visit to the Bob Marley Museum later in a meeting with Caricom leaders/members that his visit to “Bob Marley’s house is one of the best meetings” he has ever had over the 6 years as president.  

Watch how cool this US President is! At a town hall meeting with students and specially invited guests at the University of the West Indies, the President show he’s quite capable of speaking patois (see video below) to the amusement of his audience.  

Overall, President Barack Obama’s historic visit  to the Bob Marley museum is monumental. The work of this legendary Jamaican reggae artiste Robert Nesta Marley continues to uphold Jamaica’s music legacy and will never be forgotten.