Bob Marley’s Father Revealed Fact or Fiction?

A rather humourous article about who Bob Marley’s father has become a huge topic of discussion for many online browsers.  The article posted on a particular website carries the caption “New Facts about Bob Marley’s Father!”  According to the article, “Scientific research reveals astonishing information on the icon’s background.’ Scientists of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Cluj – Napoca in Romania discovered astonishing news about the Jamaican icon of modern popular music.  This research emerged as a result of “a photograph of Norval Marley that surfaced” in a movie about the legendary Reggae Super star.

David Pryczic, supervising analyst of the faculty and his team of seven students and graduates, ” had found that the picture had been retouched and altered shortly after it was taken.”  The picture according to Pryczic, “were altered by exposing it to light twice to add a different face to the body.  It was what we called a 1945 version of photoshop.”
The scientists used modern carbon dating technology to disintegrate the different layers of the picture.  “We had to work very carefully, it’s not like you scrap off one layer and below you would find the original picture” Pryczic explained.  “You have to reconstruct the original dots that had been imprinted in the photo emulsion by the first exposure.  This is possible today thanks to modern digital technology, but even five years ago we would have destroyed the picture. But now we have found out this incredible news which puts European Reggae on a completely different status!”

Interesting Findings
What the team found out was that Bob Marley’s dad, is non other than British Reggae DJ David Rodigan! “There’s no doubt about it” say Pryczic, age, poster and digital analysis tell the truth. This changes history dramatically…David Rodigan being a legend in his own right plus being the father of a legend makes him somewhat of a super-legend!”

Well the article went on to say that David Rodigan himself still neglects the situation by stating, “It couldn’t be my child – i’ve been using Vybz Kartel’s Daggering Condoms from 1930….”

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