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Aidonia Delivers on His Promise by Launching a Charitable Scholarship Programme

As promised, Reggae/Dancehall artiste Sheldon Lawrence better known as Aidonia has launched the One Voice Educational Foundation an 

Aidonia at Maxfield Park Primary in Kingston

initiative geared towards providing help and motivation for youths in the inner city as well as shaping a better further for Jamaica. The foundation which was launched on the grounds of the Maxfield Park Primary School in Kingston, values approximately J$300,000 and will be disbursed among five students to cover the cost of books and school fees.

Students have been identified at the Maxfield Park Primary School  that exemplify good behaviour and attitude as well as maintain the highest grades and overall progress through their primary school tenure. The most outstanding student of the five, at GSAT Examinations, will receive grants in the amount of J$200,000 and the remaining students will receive J$20,000 each.

Aidonia made the announcements Friday, October 10, 2014 and has been working in tandem with his mother Monica Lawrence, a teacher at the school and Principal, Ms. Annette McDonald prior to these announcements.  Principal, Annette McDonald lauded the entertainer for his efforts and encourages his peers to emulate his path.  The Dancehall artiste in speaking with the media that were present to witness the launch had this to say:-

A lot of times when you come from a certain socio-economic background people like to tell you that you won’t amount to nothing, so I am just here to help and encourage the youths so they know they can become whatever they aspire to become as long as your remain positively focused on your goals.  sometime to achieve these goals they need help and that is where someone like me step in, not just to give them verbal mentoring but also help financially whenever possible.  You have to bend the tree from it’s young if you want it to grown a certain way.  They are the ones who grow up and support our music and make us into successful entertainers so it shouldn’t be so difficult for us to render assistance when we see the need.”

Aidonia disclosed his intent to launch an educational initiative back in August and made well on that promise with these recent announcements.


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